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money makes the world go around concept

@pertacity represents an important opportunity provided to companies and organizations to enter a virtual marketplace to the benefit of their visibility and business. 

In particular, companies and organizations that already have a website may require the insertion of their logo and link in one of the neighborhoods in the portal to begin right away to benefit from a further meeting point with customers, current or potential. Those that have none, have the possibility of opening a shop window or a real store through Web @ vered , the “turnkey” solution for the creation of its website in a very simple and versatile. Also, those who wish to further develop its website to e-commerce, @pertacity provides its payment systems for e-commerce increasingly easy and secure. Finally, a series of tools marketing makes even more effective the presence and communication of your display or e-commerce store. 

Remember to open your own business on the web within @pertacity means relying on the professionalism of the banking group Credito Valtellinese and the technological know-how of its partners, in particular the Crypto SpA , Seceti and Cim Italy SpA for the user-friendliness and the site’s virtual store management efficiency. All this at very low cost and with almost total elimination of the various computer problems! ADVANTAGES OF BEING ON @PERTACITY Visibility: are over one hundred thousand customers who routinely operate on the Group’s financial site, from which you can easily access @pertacity . E ‘can also access the portal by banc @ perta corner present in more than 300 branches of the bank Credito Valtellinese Group. Communication:Bancaperta periodically to promote the portal through communication campaigns, attendance at events, exhibitions, fairs. @pertacity also promoted directly from the whole of the bank Credito Valtellinese Group customers through the use of targeted communications. Promotions: the organizations that adhere to the portal have the opportunity to show off their reserved space on the home page and in the designated areas , in particular by providing special offers exclusively to portal users, free of adhering to certain shops circuit for printing coupons discount or even through adsadvertising. search engines: @pertacity is inserted in the major search engines. 

Here are the benefits that we have reserved for those who register to the portal:

• Exclusive offers for online purchases,

• discount coupons only dedicated to you to be submitted directly at the outlets of our merchants,

• ability to receive a periodic newsletter to stay updated on the latest promotions comfortably and other news of @pertacity.

• By registering on the portal, in addition, you’ll benefit from other initiatives we are getting ready to enrich our proposal, such as the Job Search: a virtual bulletin board where you can read the job ads published by these sites and enter your CV .. . but it is not over!

• You can, if you wish to express your point of view and participate, for example, to “market research” to collect your opinions or to get involved in the development of new services or new sections of the site. Contribuiresti with your suggestions to improve our site, maybe acquiring – why not? – The right to participate in a sweepstakes or the allocation of our gadgets in exchange for your loyalty, and availability.